Best Organic Baby Toys to Buy in Modern 2022


Babies playing with toys is most common, but babies should be playing with safe toys is a great concern these days. If you are a new parent or are planning to gift toys to a young one, you should probably choose from the organic toy collection. With guaranteed safety and assured purity, organic toys are nowadays the most demanded products and, of course, the best to play freely for long.

Why should organic toys be your choice?

Babies under the age of two generally nibble and suck on anything they have in their hands. Toys being the most prone to be in their mouths rather than in their hands, need to be safe and soft to avoid any danger. Often the tiny parts and bits of metallic and plastic toys can break and go straight inside to upset their stomach. Paint might also peel off and get in, harming them in many ways.

Wodden Toys

Since we can’t snatch away the toys from toddlers, we adults can at least replace them with the safer ones. Organic materials like plant-based fabric, wood, natural paints, and edible colors are now used in toys and baby products to ensure they end up in no harm even though they are put inside the mouths.

Best recommendations

Check out these common baby toys now available in organic make to ensure you are gifting the children safe yet attractive toys to play with!

Squishy toys

Squishy toys

Plushies and squishy soft toys are the most desirable bedtime toys for both boys and girls. Available in the shapes of animals, teddy bears, cartoon characters, or even babies, these soft toys are now stitched out of woolen cloth and filled with soft cotton.

Unlike the polyester fillers, wires, or fiber scrubbers, soft cotton avoids the threat of choking and ensures the toys are soft to squish and play with. However, you should ensure that the cotton is organically grown without any pesticides and GMO seeds.

Crochet dolls

Crochet dolls

Wool knitted crochet dolls of any size and shape are the best substitutes for metallic and hard plastic toys for sensitive babies. Since the wool itself is in various colors, there isn’t any threat of paints or small bits coming off to harm. You can also find crochet rattles and baby accessories to gift similar creative items.

Wooden toys and strollers

Wooden toys and strollers

Organic wood is the best over synthetic material or polished artificial wood as the material is entirely plant-based and safe for human body contact. Toys like stacking blocks, pushing toys, jumbling puzzles, and rocking swing toys are available in large wooden blocks and shapes without any small parts to break and harm. The designers also use natural color sprayers, assuring no peeling and damage even when put in the mouth.

Natural rubber bath toys

bath toys

A rubber duck or elephant is a must-required bath toy for babies to enjoy a leisure bath. However, artificial rubber manufactured chemically crumbles into small particles and powder that often end up inside the babies’ mouths. Instead, organic rubber extracted from natural plant latex is the best as it is biodegradable and has no chemical composition to crumble and dissolve.

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