Baby or Child With No Family – Take Me, Have Me, Love Me

Each and every day a new baby is welcomed into the world. Not just one baby but many. Statistics say that over a quarter of a million babies are born into the world each and every day.

After the journey of pregnancy, many loving parents are blessed with the long-awaited arrival of their special bundle of joy. Single parents who have chosen to take the journey of parenthood solo are also overjoyed to see their baby for the first time. Surrogate mothers have blessed the expectant couple with a bouncing baby.

However, there are often circumstances where, after thoughtful decision-making, the newborn baby is placed up for adoption. Circumstances such as unwanted teenage pregnancies, babies born of individuals who cannot financially afford a baby, and babies born of individuals who have addictions. Other circumstances also occur such as a baby losing his/her parents in tragedies, or babies born of families in third world countries where food and money are so scarce.

A good number of adoptions are arranged prior to the baby being born. When the baby enters the world and he/she is placed in the loving arms of his/her adoptive parents. These babies are fortunate that they are promptly placed with their forever parents and are able to form a parent/baby bond right away.

On the other hand, a good number of babies throughout the world are born without a family awaiting their arrival. Have you ever wondered how many babies are born without a loving family? I don’t have the statistical numbers but I can be quite certain that the number would be alarming. These special babies who have been placed in institutions or foster care await someone to open their arms and heart and let them into their family.

These special babies do have hope. Their first hope is that they were given life and a wonderful chance in life because their natural parent chose not to abort. Their second hope is that they may have a good chance to be welcomed into a loving family.

Let us not forget the children. What about the older children who longingly await a loving family to open their homes to them?

Adoption is a lifelong commitment by everyone involved and making a difference to a child’s life. When you adopt you provide a secure, loving home to a child for life. Ensure that you are ready to adopt a baby or child and want to adopt for all the right reasons.

So what is a loving individual or couple do if they wish to adopt a new baby or child?

1) Get all of the information you can obtain on adoption.
2) Check with your social service agency.
3) Inquire about state/provincial adoption programs and inter-country adoption.
4) Join a parent group that can that consists of others that are seeking to adopt or have succeeded in adopting.
5) Inform everyone you know – your neighbors, friends, family and church.
6) Utilize an adoption agency.

When planning an adoption, keep open minded and explore all possibilities. Adoption often does not happen overnight and waiting is part of the adoption process. Keep busy and spend the time preparing for the arrival of your child.

Babies and children need hope, love and family. Give them the chance and opportunity to spread their wings and soar through the journey of life. They need someone to believe in them and to be there for them. Take them, have them and love them!

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